Rafting or canoeing through the historic center of Č. Krumlov.

This package is intended for our guests who stay 2 or more nights from Sunday to Friday morning, or for those who stay 3 or more nights if the start or course of the stay includes Friday or Saturday.

Platnost akce:
1.6.2021 - 30.6.2021
1.9.2021 - 12.9.2021
Cena pro naše hosty: Zdarma

During the cruise through the historic center of the city, you will descend three weirs, see everything from a different perspective and find that from the surface of the Vltava River, Český Krumlov looks even more romantic than how you knew it as a tourist. The length of the route is 7 km and the sailing time is about 2 hours, even with possible bathing.

FREE for our guests

These packages are for our guests who are staying for a minimum of 2 nights.